Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm so glad the weekend is here. Here are my favorites for the week.

1. Starbucks is bringing back their Birthday Frappuccino to mark frappuccino's 21st birthday. The drink is only available from April 28th to May 2nd. I usually don't drink frappucchio's (too much sugar, not enough coffee), but this one tastes just like a birthday cake that it's worth the calories. It's a combination of vanilla and hazelnut, with pink whipped creme.

2. This face mask.  I received a sample of it with my last Sephora order and tried it last night after reading the rave reviews. I loved it, in particular because it doesn't overly dry your face and you don't get that super tightening feeling like with other masks.  And it was super easy and not messy to apply. My normal go-to mask is this one, but I've found that it dries my face too much, it's super pricey, it makes a mess to put it on and get it off, and if you don't use the entire jar in a quick amount of time, the contents inside will dry out.

3. This heart-warming story I read about Chobani's CEO.  I eat Chobani every morning for breakfast (I add some granola and blueberries to it), so it was awesome to read this story about how the CEO is giving back to his workers. We need more CEO's like him.

4. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee is on sale!  For those of you who have a Sprouts Farmers Market near you, Chameleon's Cold Brew Coffee is on sale this week (it's half off, so stock up!). For those who haven't tried it, it's a must! It's one of my favorite cold brews.  I did a review post on it here.

5. And finally, this meme.  So funny!  I laugh every time I see it.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Hello Wednesday! Today, I am linking up with Shay for my eighth "What's Up Wednesday," which consists of answering the following questions.

1. What We're Eating This Week
A whole lotta different stuff! As the weather gets warmer, I tend to eat more salads. Also, I love frozen yogurt on weekends. I just discovered Yogurt Land and it's quite awesome.

2. What I'm Reminiscing About
The time I spent studying abroad in college in Marseille, France. I miss everything about it! I want to go back sometime in the next 3 years.

3. What I'm Loving
Two words: Black Velvet. It's the cupcake from Sprinkles available only in the month of April. It's a dark chocolate ganache cupcake (it's the one on the bottom right in the picture). It's seriously the best cupcake I've had in a while.


4. What We've Been Up To
Girls' Day/Night. I saw the musical Kinky Boots at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood a few weeks ago with my friend and some of her friends. After the show, we dined at Beso, which is Eva Longoria's restaurant. The food and ambiance were amazing!

5. What I'm Dreading
Hmm...nothing comes to mind, for which I am grateful.

6. What I'm Working On
Ma fitness! We have a step challenge here at work that's company wide, where we have to complete a certain number of steps over 6 weeks. So we've all strapped our Fitbits on and have become really competitive. Everyone wants to win.

7. What I'm Excited About
Longer days as summer approaches. And the warmer weather. It's been so nice lately that I have found myself walking outside more. Look at these pretty views!


8. What I'm Watching/Reading
I just caught up on Scandal last night...and let me tell you, I am not impressed with Olivia this season. If you are not caught up, do not read further (spoilers!). Now that she killed someone, I feel like she has crossed that line and no longer wears the white hat. Right?! Not cool. That's what made her different from everyone else, and now she's just the same.

9. What I'm Listening To
At work, usually the iheart radio app.

10. What I'm Wearing
These pants, this top in pink (on sale now!) and these comfy shoes.

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend
Going to the movies (I have been wanting to see Zootopia forever now), dinner with friends, and cleaning. My steam mop broke a few weeks ago and my new one finally came from Amazon so I'm actually excited to clean (note: I'm a neat freak and cleaning brings me peace).

12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Memorial Day! I love that it marks the start of summer and I love everything that goes along with it (BBQs, beach, warmer weather).

13. What Else is New
Has anyone watched the new ABC show The Catch? I've DVR'd the episodes but I'm wondering if it's good enough to start watching. There's nothing worse than starting a show, getting invested in it, only to have the show be cancelled the next season.

Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Another Friday, another Friday Favorites link up post! Here are my current favorites:

1. Now that it's finally warmer, I have been been wearing my favorite scent paired with the matching body lotion. For some reason, when I only wear a scent without the body lotion, it doesn't seem as impactful, so I always do both.

2. Sales, Sales, Sales! Tory Burch is having a sale, as well as Kate Spade. I use this time of the year to start my Christmas shopping.

3. Casetify. I found them on Instagram this week and they have the cutest phone cases and phone accessories.


4. This nail polish color. Love! It's the prefect neutral shade. And it's on sale right now too. :)

5. Sprinkles Cupcakes. There aren't too many locations of these in southern California (which is probably a good thing because they're so darn good), so visiting one is always a treat. During the month of April, they have their exclusive Black Velvet cupcake available to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.  And in honor of the L.A. Kings being in the playoffs, they have an official LA Kings cupcake where a portion of the proceeds go to the King's Care Foundation.  So now you can eat your cupcake and still feel good, right? ;)


Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded Series Linkup

Today, I am linking up with Shay for her monthly stranded post. Today's topic is: Three things from a medicine cabinet you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island.

1. Sunscreen, for sure. I wear sunscreen daily even though I'm not stranded on a desert island. I even wear it on rainy days and overcast days. It's just part of my routine. I use this one for my face and this one for my body. Am I allowed to take both but have it count as one item for my desert island?

2. Floss. I floss religiously. If I brush and don't floss, my teeth don't feel clean for some reason. Even on days when I am super tired, I force myself to floss. Floss will be handy on a desert island, right? I'm assuming I will be eating lots of roughage and greens which will get stuck in my teeth. I'm hoping someone else who's stranded with me will bring an extra toothbrush for me and toothpaste. :)

3. And finally, my Clarisonic. I love this little device so much that I tell everyone I know that they need it too...even men! It cleans your skin like nothing else. I look forward to washing my face and using this's like a short massage for my face.

Well, I guess that's it, even though I'm sure I'll come up with better items that I should take after I post this. Can't wait to read what everyone else is bringing!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Why oh why do weekends pass so quickly? It seems like it was just Friday, and now, it's Monday once again. Sigh.

Here are some highlights from my weekend.

I finally saw the Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice movie.  Honestly, I don't understand why so many critics hated the movie.  It's not like we're expecting Oscar-worthy performances.  It's just a fun, action packed movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.  And staring at Henry Cavill (Superman) the entire time wasn't too bad either.  #perfectbonestructure

Does anyone else think he'd make a perfect Bond for the next round of Bond films?  He's British, tall, dark, and handsome.  I think he fits the bill.

And nothing goes better with a movie than...some burgers.  We grabbed some from The Habit after.  I might be in the minority here, but I like their burgers better than In-N-Out.

Sunday, the weather was beautiful (it finally stopped raining) so it was spent strolling around Beverly Hills and picking up some cupcakes from Sprinkles. 

This month only, they have the Black Velvet cupcake (dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting) which is amazing. Go try it.

Clockwise from top left:  Lemon Meringue, Cuban Coffee, Black Velvet, and Sprinkles.

Happy Monday!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday from a rainy Southern California. It's forecasted to rain all weekend. :( What can I say, we Californians do NOT like rain. And we hate driving in the rain, which will make Friday traffic even more terrible. Here are my favorites for the week:

1. Last week I shared that my favorite primer was this one, which prompted a reader to ask me what my favorite eye primer was. Well, it's this one. It keeps my eye makeup set all day so it doesn't crease or slick off.

2. Speaking of makeup, Sephora is offering 15% off all purchases (there are NO exclusions) for VIB Rouge members now through April 13th. Just enter code ROUGENOTE at checkout. I love Sephora because you can use codes such as these on things like perfume, which is generally excluded from savings at almost all department stores. I usually stock up on items I use the most during this time.

3. This cat. It looks like an owl, and I want it. It's the most adorable thing ever.  Doesn't it look like it's wearing a gray coat here?  #cutenessoverload

4. This Diet & Fitness Journal I purchased from Amazon. Although it's the age of smart phones and technology, sometimes, a little pen and paper is the way to go (especially for me-- I love planners). What I like about this one in particular is that it has a dedicated section for exercise. And the sleeve on the front comes off so it just becomes a black book that you can carry around, and no one will know that it's really a diet and exercise journal. Available here.


5. Coffee ice cubes. I make my own cold brew coffee at home, and have started using some of it to make coffee ice cubes. It makes my cold brew all that more rich:  normally the ice cubes melt and water down my drink, but now that's no longer an issue.

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

T-Rex Arms

Hello, my name is Jasmin, and today, I have T-Rex arms. I went to boot camp on Saturday for the first time in a while and today, I can't move my arms. Getting dressed this morning was a chore. Typing today is a chore. Getting up and down stairs today is a chore. Anyone have any good advice of what you do when you're like this? I've been told to stretch, but that's too painful at this point to even think about doing. I've also been told I should workout and push through the pain, but more body parts hurt than not so I can't fathom doing that.

Until I feel better, I will be over here popping my Advil like candy. Here's hoping your Tuesday will be better than mine. :)


Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I have been counting the days to Friday since Monday (it's been a busy, busy week). Here are my favorites for the week.

1. This amazing primer. It blurs all imperfections and wrinkles and keeps your makeup on all day. Yes, it's pricey, but a little goes a long way. Bonus: the gold specks.

2. This video below that was making its rounds on the internet. It's so funny! I crack up every time I watch it. So good. Hit play and enjoy!

3. For all you Star Wars fans, this is a pretty cool collectable, no? I saw it at Target last night. I may have to go back and buy it. :)

4. If you're a popcorn fiend like I am and love Skinny Pop (my favorite popcorn brand), you have to try this one.  The only place I have found it so far is at Walgreen's. It has a subtle jalapeno flavor that's so good.

5. Today only, Peet's Coffee is offering a small drip coffee for only 50 cents in celebration of their 50th year.

Happy weekend!

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