Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nerd Alert

Hello peeps!

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Mine bordered on nerdy, but that's just how I like it. ;) I saw both 'Star Trek' and 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.' Stay tuned for my thoughts on 'Star Trek' in tomorrow's post.

I also visited the Griffith Observatory, which I'd never been to. It's a popular tourist attraction located near Griffith Park in Los Angeles that showcases numerous science and space-related displays. It's also been featured in several movies such as 'Terminator' as well as 'Terminator: Salvation,' which I saw last week. Unfortunately, in the latter, the observatory is in ruins since the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

I wasn't able to go inside the observatory since I was visiting after hours, but I enjoyed the trip up there nonetheless. The observatory attracts just as many night visitors as day ones since the night views of the city are a-maaaaaaaaaa-zing! Unfortunately, I didn't take a camera with me so the pictures I did take with my camera phone came out fuzzy and blurry.

Here's one I took of the view from the deck...L.A.'s twinkling lights can be seen amid the darkness:

And here's a shot taken from the side of the main building:

Since my pictures don't do any justice to the glory of the observatory itself, here are formal pictures I found online:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Friday!

I have not been on here in what seems like forrrrever! (okay, so like a week, but still...).

It's Friday here at work and quite a ghost town...everyone is out, taking advantage of the long weekend. Luckily, I will finish work a little bit early today, so I will take advantage of the time by going swimsuit shopping. I admit, I hate and dread this time of year and I've been putting this off for a while. But alas, the time has come to do so for Memorial Day is on the horizon, which unofficially marks the start of swim season, at least here in Southern California.

I'm also FINALLY getting my new set of keys for my car today. Sadly, my lost keys never materialized...but at least now my new ones will be reprogrammed so no one can take off in my car. I'm also seeing the 'Star Trek' movie tonight (yes, you may go ahead and call me an nerd). To be honest, I never really watch the show growing up, but the movie looks quite excellent.

'Terminator Salvation,' on the other hand, was so confusing. I think I spent most of the movie trying to figure out how Kyle Reese could be younger than John Conner when Reese is Conner's father and everything is taking place in the shouldn't he technically be older than John Conner? I guess some sort of time travel is involved. So if Reese is sent to the future by Sarah Conner to save John Conner, isn't it a self-fulfilling prophecy because it wouldn't have happened to begin with if the past wasn't driven by the future? If no intervention ever took place by Sarah Conner, would John really have become the resistance leader he is? If you're just as confused as I am after reading this, welcome to the club. I suppose it would help if I could remember what happened in the first 3 movies (I have a bad habit of seeing movies and then forgetting how they go).

So is the movie worth seeing? Yes...but somehow the plot and story are messy and get lost amid the action and the exploding robots. I felt like the director simply wanted to blow as much stuff up as he could during those two hours...which he did, admittedly, with a lot of flair. But the movie leaves some sort of unsettling feeling and is not really satisfying. It was over-hyped for no reason.

Anyways, enough on that topic. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

A wee bit of sunshine...

So my car keys are still missing. No one has called to turn them in. I called Best Buy a zillion times, as well as the gym I go to (my keys had my gym tag on them) in hopes that someone would return them there, but alas, nothing. I also called the dealer but had no luck. I searched the store high and low last night again for what seemed like the millionth time, then the parking lot, and then my car. I even called the city's lost and found and was told that if nothing turned up, I could file a police report.

Once I informed the Best Buy manager that I was filing a report, he FINALLY said he'd look at the security tapes from the night before to see if anything was visible. When I'd asked them to do this the night the keys went missing, they told me they weren't able to do that, which is funny, since what else are the cameras for, right? I love how people only fully cooperate when you threaten them. Sadly, the security cameras were not pointed at the area I was in so that's another dead end.

The only (somewhat) good news is that I researched spare keys online (I love you Google!) and found that it's cheaper to purchase blank keys through eBay or a merchant, and then simply take them to the dealer for cutting and reprogramming. The dealer was set on charging me $505 + tax for the whole ordeal, but instead I will only be spending $225 total.

A word of advice to my fellow drivers out there: please please PLEASE make copies of your keys if you only have one set! This is the only thing that really saved me money and is allowing me to make copies. And never, EVER go through your dealer for the whole process...they charge an arm and a leg and you're basically at their mercy. I would hate for anyone to ever have to go through the mess I'm in now so plan ahead and make extra copies if need be.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some days you just can't win...

I lost my car keys last night...and not just my car keys: a memory stick, my bank key, my house key, my valet key for the car, and some key chains. I wouldn't be so concerned if it was just my car keys, but the fact that my memory stick on there is so much worse, since I have a copy of my grad school application on there that lists my house address and all my phone numbers. Imagine that. Someone, if twisted enough, could possibly use that info to find out where I live and come by and take the car. Let's just say I didn't sleep to well last night with such thoughts floating around in my head.

I lost my keys at a Best Buy store. I was browsing laptops for grad school when the keys disappeared. I had them on the counter next to me and that's the last thing I remember. It's like they disappeared into thin air. The employees there looked all around the laptop area-- nothing. I searched outside, inside my car, throughout the store, retraced my steps-- still nothing. It's so frustrating. I can only conclude regrettably that someone took them. Why someone would do such a thing is beyond me, so I'm hoping it's simply a mistake.

Then I call the car dealer, only to find out that it will cost me $505 to get a new set of keys because they have a chip in them. Getting a locksmith to simply cut a new set is not enough because it won't start the engine without the chip recognition system.

I suppose there's nothing much I can do right now but pray that someone returns them...and ask for the intersession of St. Anthony of Pauda, patron Saint for the return of lost things or missing persons. I really hope they turn up. :(

St. Anthony, St. Anthony,
Please come down.
Something is lost,
And can't be found.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures from my weekend trip

As promised, here are some pictures from my Portland trip. My stay was lovely and the weather was very nice by Portland standards-- low 70s for most of the weekend. My cousin's graduation party was held at a winery about an hour outside of downtown. The views from the winery were so beautiful! Here are a couple snapshots (click on pictures to view in large format):

And here are a couple of pictures I snapped while randomly driving around the city:

Another highlight of the trip was driving my rental car, an SUV, which I was quite excited about because I love driving large cars for some reason. It felt like a monster compared to my current car, so I nicknamed it "the Beast." I had a lovely time driving around with the Beast, particularly because it was a hybrid, super quiet, and fuel efficient. For those wondering, it was a Ford Escape. Perhaps I will purchase a similar beast as my next car.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am the human pinata

Today was my Monday, since I was traveling back from Portland late last night and had work off. I'll post some pictures of my trip tomorrow.

Let me just say that going back to work on very little sleep the day after flying in, coupled with exercising , is not the best idea. I was playing tennis tonight after work and was hit in the face with a flying tennis ball. Apparently, lack of sleep slows down reflexes. It was like watching something out of "The Matrix" -- everything was in slow motion and before I could react, impact had occurred.

Then during my tennis lesson, I was hit on my side from my coach's 100 mph plus serve (at least it felt that way when the stinging began).

Then last but not least, while scouring the fridge for some yogurt to eat, I thought the carton said "billions of live, active, and prehistoric cultures" instead of "billions of live, active, and probiotic cultures." I must say, I find countless ways to amuse myself when I'm sleep deprived.

I'd better head off to bed before more flying tennis balls find me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Heading to the City of Roses

Happy Friday!

It's sunny and warm here in southern California, but in about 24-hours, I will be in cloudy and overcast Portland. I hope the weather will be just as lovely there. I love Portland-- it's like the cleaner version of Santa Monica, but without the beach. It's also commonly referred to as the greenest city in the U.S.

I will be going for both of my cousins' college graduations. I love college graduations-- there's something joyous and hopeful about them, and about the future and what's to come.

I leave you with some pictures taken from my last trip to Portland.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And babies make six!

Remember the work duckies, and more specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Work Ducky? Well, apparently they've been quite busy, because now there are little baby work duckies!

I was walking into work this morning when I saw them: 4 little baby ducklings huddled near their mama. It was adorable! They are all tiny, fuzzy, and squishy looking.

I was able to snap some pictures with my phone before mama stood up and waddled away, with all her little duckies in a row, following her.

Monday, May 4, 2009

You know it's a Monday when... realize you have an 8:30 am meeting when you wake up...and it's 9:30 am (I got into work at 10 am; my bad)... go ninja on the vending machine when it refuses to give you your afternoon snack or change (thankfully, my ninja skills ended up working and I was happily munching on my snack a few minutes later)... need a 32 oz Dr. Pepper (diet, of course) in the afternoon to stay awake... pedal aimlessly like a zombie on the stationary bike at the gym for an hour... get a protein shake after your workout from the gym (i.e., a liquid steak -- 25 g of protein!) 'cause you're so tired, even though you have a sneaking suspicion that so much protein at once will turn you into a she-hulk...

How was everyones Monday?
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