Friday, May 15, 2009

A wee bit of sunshine...

So my car keys are still missing. No one has called to turn them in. I called Best Buy a zillion times, as well as the gym I go to (my keys had my gym tag on them) in hopes that someone would return them there, but alas, nothing. I also called the dealer but had no luck. I searched the store high and low last night again for what seemed like the millionth time, then the parking lot, and then my car. I even called the city's lost and found and was told that if nothing turned up, I could file a police report.

Once I informed the Best Buy manager that I was filing a report, he FINALLY said he'd look at the security tapes from the night before to see if anything was visible. When I'd asked them to do this the night the keys went missing, they told me they weren't able to do that, which is funny, since what else are the cameras for, right? I love how people only fully cooperate when you threaten them. Sadly, the security cameras were not pointed at the area I was in so that's another dead end.

The only (somewhat) good news is that I researched spare keys online (I love you Google!) and found that it's cheaper to purchase blank keys through eBay or a merchant, and then simply take them to the dealer for cutting and reprogramming. The dealer was set on charging me $505 + tax for the whole ordeal, but instead I will only be spending $225 total.

A word of advice to my fellow drivers out there: please please PLEASE make copies of your keys if you only have one set! This is the only thing that really saved me money and is allowing me to make copies. And never, EVER go through your dealer for the whole process...they charge an arm and a leg and you're basically at their mercy. I would hate for anyone to ever have to go through the mess I'm in now so plan ahead and make extra copies if need be.

Happy Friday!

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