Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Facts About Me

In the spirit of all those forwards that come around via email, I decided to actually participate in one on Facebook, so I thought I would also post it on my blog. It's basically 25 things about me that people who know me might not have known, and 25 things about me that strangers might find amusing. Please feel free to share your list as well. Happy Monday!

1. I have never lit a match in my life; it terrifies me.

2. I didn't eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich till I was in high school.

3. Earthquakes terrify me...I thought the world was ending during the '94 Northridge quake.

4. I crack my toes and ankles.

5. I've been playing tennis since I was about 12 years old. I played in high school, was going to play in college, and now play for my company.

6. My brother broke my leg when I was a baby by strategically dropping me.

7. I refuse to kill bugs or's disgusting. I only do it if I absolutely have to and there's no one else around to do it. Stay tuned for a blog entry on this entire topic.

8. Slow drivers in the left lane annoy me.

9. I can easily sleep for 14 hours every day if I didn't have responsibilities.

10. I love 80s music.

11. I was born 3 months premature.

12. Christmas used to terrify me when I was little because my dad would provide our neighbor (who dressed up as Santa and visited us) with a list of all the bad things my older brother and I had done throughout the year, and we'd have to answer to Santa before we received gifts. I would start crying every year the minute Santa walked through the door. Luckily, my dad used to have Santa visit on December 6th (St. Nicklaus Day) so it didn't really affect my long-term view of Christmas on the 25th.

13. I'm terrified of big dogs but used to play with them endlessly when I was a toddler.

14. I have a gigantic family (à la 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'). My mom is one of 17 and my dad is one of 6.

15. There is truly nothing like having grandma cook a meal for you.

16. I love reading - I read the entire Nancy Drew series as a kid.

17. I can type super fast (around 105 wpm) provided my nails aren't long.

18. I've broken an arm, a leg, and fractured my back.

19. I'm blessed to have wonderful girlfriends.

20. Simone and I have an interesting habit of calling each other at exactly the same time, even though she's all the way on the other side of the U.S. (come home already!).

21. I sleep with three layers on my bed - I hate the cold. (Yes, I'm such a Californian).

22. I'm a neat freak (refer to previous blog entry on my weird quirks).

23. I hate anything grape flavored because it reminds me of cough medicine when I was younger. I also can't stand the smell of grape flavored 'bubble yum bubble gum.'

24. I have a strange fascination with NYC...and a feeling I'll live there at some point in my life.

25. German was my first language, followed by Arabic, then English, and then French.


  1. Number 25 is very, very impressive. I speak only one language and the limitation of it.

  2. Why thank you! :) And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. You're gonna have to tell me about the broken bone incidents! You're a cage fighter, aren't you?

  4. you know arabic language? thats awesome jasmin!
    im a muslim and my mother tounge is malay,
    now im study in egypt,so i noe a lit bit of arabic language.cant wait to hear form u soon!


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