Monday, May 7, 2007


So this weekend I played in my county's corporate games for tennis representing my company.

All the practice paid off...I won silver for women's singles and I was subbed in for doubles as well because so many of the female players for our company didn't show up at the last minute. So I ended up winning silver as well with my doubles partner. I played about 6 matches, and as a result, I'm so sore today I can hardly move. I've been popping ibuprofen all day like it's candy and I feel like I'm starting to come down w/something (runny nose and scratchy throat). I think I just overdid it this weekend and I didn't sleep well the night before the match (nerves) or last night because I was so exhausted physically from it all.

Anyways, off I go to pop some more butt hurts so bad that tossing side to side at night hurts. Everything hurts.

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