Thursday, September 10, 2009

With age comes wisdom, right?

In honor of my recent birthday, my younger brother decided to create a homemade card for me, which I always's much more personal than a generic store-bought one.

He also decided to get back at me for the crack I made about his age when I modified his birthday card back in June, even though he is younger than me by four years.

Behold, ladies and gentleman, the card he created for me:

Me as a granny, 'cause, ya know, I'm soooo old.

Twilight characters Edward and Bella, because they look young but will forever be old vampires. Check out the massive hair on Edward...quite accurate, no?



  1. Lolol, isn't sibbling love just awesome :)

    SE x

  2. The Edward photo is great. He recreated the big hair beautifully.

  3. Happy SITS saturday sharefest!! I am loving the card I think it screams Hallmark!!


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