Monday, March 9, 2009

Put on your dancing shoes!

"Dancing with the Stars" premieres tonight and I'm very excited! I became hooked on the show after my mother kept raving about it (she faithfully watches every season), and although I won't be home in time to watch (tennis lesson), I do plan on catching the premiere tomorrow by watching it online at

I love the show because it showcases many things I simply cannot do:

1. Dance
2. Dance in high heels
3. Dance in uber sparkly, skin-tight, skimpy, you-call-that-clothing costumes (I'd have to suck in my stomach the entire time, and that alone takes a huge amount of effort, apart from the dancing)
4. Look happy that I'm dancing (i.e., look at me; this is soooo much fun!)
5. Dance without stepping on/tripping over feet (my own or my partner's)

Have I mentioned that I'm clumsy and can't dance?

In addition, as if the premiere isn't exciting enough, rumor has it that Melissa Rycroft ("The Bachelor" dumpe from this season; refer to my previous blog post) will be joining the cast as Nancy O'Dell's replacement, who had to drop out due to a knee injury. I think Melissa will do well given that she's athletic and was previously a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. More importantly, she has the sympathy vote on her side, considering that bachelor Jason Mesnick is probably the most hated (reality-tv) man in the U.S. right now. Although Melissa didn't walk away with the bachelor (and that's a good thing), perhaps she will win the coveted 'mirror ball' trophy.

After all, success is the best revenge.

UPDATE (3/10/09): I caught the last half-hour of the show last night (and Melissa's routine) and it was pretty awesome! I promptly texted my vote in her favor. Go Melissa! The icing on the cake was the audience booing any mention of the bachelor.


  1. I just watched it! Melissa was pretty darn good, and you're right. She does have a MAJOR sympathy vote. She might be the fav.

  2. You can dance you just don't wanna!




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