Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I was driving home tonight after studying at Starbucks (sadly, no Movefone man sighting like last time), and I couldn't believe how unbelievably cold it was. I not only had my seat warmers on while driving home, but I was also blasting the heat at 90°F (the highest possible temperature setting for some reason...seriously, what do people in Alaska do who drive during the cold night?).

Yes it's true: we Californians can't take the cold (and rain is like our kryptonite, especially when it comes to driving). I'm especially bad when temperatures change because I'm always cold no matter what in the winter, and I'm always warm no matter what in the summer. It's like my body temperature is slightly off from everyone else and what feels normal. 50°F is cold to me, so anything hovering around 30°F, well, I consider freeeeeeezing. So freezing it was indeed, since my car announced that it was exactly 39°F.

I think my car will double as an igloo in the morning. Of course, I can't complain too much; we're spoiled year-round with (almost) perfect weather and abundant sunshine...and I have friends who live back east and are probably hating me right now for posting this. I send you all warm thoughts from chilly Cali.

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  1. How are you to survive the winters in NY if you were to move there? ;)

    Speaking of being spoiled by nice weather, it is bright and sunny in SoCal today at 58 degrees. Hopefully your east coast friends don't spite you over this post.


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