Friday, February 27, 2009

About as easy as nailing Jell-O to the wall

Oh my goodness. I woke up this morning and my right arm felt like it was made from jello. I had my weekly tennis lesson last night and all I worked on with my coach for the entire hour was my slice backhand, which apparently took a toll on my muscles. My right arm feels like someone has drained it of all its muscle mass.

The slice is a new shot I'm learning and it's a super simple stroke, but it's incredibly hard because it's a stroke opposite of how I've hit my entire life. I'm having difficulty getting the stroke right, even though it's only my third lesson or so working on it specifically, but I'm a perfectionist by nature who always wants everything to come quickly. Perhaps this is God's way of humbling me, right?

The reason I want to learn such a difficult shot is because every year, I play in the county-wide corporate games that my company participates in. For two years in a row now, I've won the silver medal for women's singles tennis, but I've lost to the same person: a girl who slices every shot the entire time, which I'm not used to because it's not exactly proper tennis or an accepted thing to do for an entire game, and in some regards, it's a cheap way to play.

So this year, in preparation for the upcoming tournament, I thought I would give her a dose of her own medicine by learning the same shot she uses. Third time might be the charm for me if I'm able to beat her. The competition is in April so I have a couple of months left to learn everything.

Ok, so back to what I wanted to post about. I always go off on tangents when blogging for some reason...

I was getting ready for work this morning and putting on my makeup (and running late in typical fashion) when the tick-tock of the clock came to my attention, and for some reason, the poem Rikki Tikki Tavi immediately popped into my head...I don't know why. Perhaps word association? I think I read this poem in 8th grade but for some reason, I can still recall the name of it. All I can remember at the moment is that the poem was about a brave little mongoose and his tiff with a snake.

Happy Friday everyone! Only 3 weeks until my exam...

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