Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stranded Series Linkup

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Shay for her monthly stranded series. Today, the question is, what three famous people would we take with us if we were stranded on a desert island?  Well, here are my three below.

1.  Conan O'Brien. This guy crack me up.  So funny!  I love his sense of humor and quirkiness.  I attended a live taping of his show last week (I'll blog about that next week) and he was even funnier in person.  So great. #teamcoco

2.  Henry Cavill.  I mean, look at him.  I'd bring him along just so I can stare at something beautiful the whole time I'm stranded until I'm rescued.  Can you say perfect bone structure?  His British accent doesn't hurt either. ;)

3.  Larry King or Oprah.  I couldn't decide between these two!  Can I take them both? ;)  Either one would be amazing-- I would love to sit down with either and hear their stories about all the people they have interviewed over the years.  And I'm sure they would have some great life advice too.

Can't wait to read who everyone else picks! Have a great Wednesday!


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