Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I've been on vacation this week so I haven't blogged, but I will blog about my lovely adventures next week and the following week. Today, I'm linking up with Andrea for my favorites of the week.

1. This mask. My mom was visiting this past week and we enjoyed getting pampered and using it. You notice a difference after one use (smoother skin, brighter complexion, and reduced blemishes).  My mom never raves about any products, but even she loved this one.

2. For my socal peeps, if you're ever in the Burbank area, you have to dine at Olive & Thyme. It's a gourmet cafe and market located close to Warner Brothers. They have delicious sandwiches and healthy salads, not to mention amazing baked goods. Bonus: They serve Intelligensia coffee, which is one of my favorites.


3. Starbucks rainbow drinks! We've now tried the Pink Drink (Strawberry Acai with coconut milk), the Green Drink (Black tea with matcha and coconut milk), and the Purple Drink (Passion tea with coconut milk, blackberries, and vanilla). Thus far, the Pink Drink is my favorite. It tastes like a creamy strawberry popsicle.

4.  Homemade s'mores.  It's tradition for me to make them every 4th of July, but I make them with the Hershey's dark chocolate and I pop them in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes.  So easy!


5.  Wimbledon! I am a huge tennis fan so I have been enjoying watching all the matches this week.  Wimbledon is my second favorite grand slam (my favorite is the U.S. Open-- I even attended a few years ago, which was a bucket list item of mine).  I'm hoping Federer wins the men's singles title and I'm rooting for the Williams' sisters to win the doubles title (and hoping Serena wins the women's singles title too). 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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