Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week flew by and I couldn't be more happy about that because it's the weekend! However, it is supposed to rain the entire weekend, so I'm not looking forward to that. Here are my favorites for the week.

1. These shoes that I just ordered from Kate Spade. Aren't they adorable? I have been eyeballing them for a while and finally bought them since they were on double sale. Now through March 7th, you can get 25% off sale items with code YESPLEASE.

2. Hello Fresh
I decided to try this service after I received a coupon for $35 off my first box. Basically, it's a food delivery service that sends you 3 meals per week, with the recipe and all the ingredients needed to make the meals. My first box arrives this Monday. I'll do a review post next week of my experience with the service, the pros, the cons, the cost, etc.  Stay tuned.

3.  This thermal shine spray for hair.  I use it before I blow dry by misting my wet hair with it, and then also once I'm done blow drying to add shine and body.  Love this stuff.

4.  Live Love Pop Truffle Salt Popcorn
This is hands-down my favorite popcorn ever.  I found some at Home Goods last weekend so I bought every single bag. #noshame

5.  Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson
If you love all things French like I do, you will enjoy this book and it's beautiful pictures of Paris. Available here.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Truffle Salt popcorn?! That's two of my favorite things combined! Sounds heavenly! I'm obsessed with some truffle salt I bought at Chelsea Market in NYC last summer. I've always been a truffle lover, but the salt took it to a whole different level!



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