Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Another Friday, another Friday Favorites post. Here are my favorites from this week.

1. This meme I found true. And I have been watching X-Files, Fuller House, and the OJ miniseries on TV. All three have been excellent.

2. This brightener. I've been adding it to my foundation before putting it on. It gives you a healthy glow. Or you can dab it where needed for extra glow (e.g. on the cheeks). I put it on using this brush.

3. HelloFresh. I tried their food service last week and loved making meals such as these. I also did a review on them in another post here.

4. This wet brush. Apparently, I have been using the wrong hairbrush per my stylist, and it's given me weird split ends in the middle of my hair. Using this type of brush is best because the bristles are softer and lay flat when used instead of pulling on hair like stiffer bristles do. You can also use it on wet hair (hence the name of the brush).

5. Piggy and Polly on Instagram. This is one of my favorites to follow because of the two adorable French bulldog sisters, and I love the neutral colors used to shoot everything.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks for these fun ideas and suggestions! Visiting as your neighbor at the Linkup at Grammie Time.


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