Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Halloween Costumes

I forgot today is "Show & Tuesday," so you lucky readers get two posts in one day.  For today's show and tell, I am linking up with Andrea to tell you about some past Halloween costumes I have worn.

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, so I've never been one of those people to go all out and dress up. I prefer to stay at home and hand out candy, while seeing what all the cute babies and toddlers are dressed up as.

If I do have to dress up, I usually stick to simple costumes that are in-expensive that I can wear my ordinary clothes with too. I haven't dressed up in years, but during my early twenties I would go to my friend's annual birthday/Halloween party, which was always a blast.  One year I went as an angel, and another year I went as a cat. I've also gone as a nurse.  Pretty simple, right?  Growing up, for some reason, my mom had me be a French maid for about four years in a row. I have no idea why, but I didn't seem to mind.

One of my favorite Halloween memories ever is from when I studied abroad in southern France during college. I lived in student housing that had lots of international students from all over the world, and we had a HUGE Halloween party.  Everyone dressed up.  The foreign students even carved pumpkins and decorated.  Who knew Halloween was so huge in Europe?  It was so festive and fun.  Happy Halloween!


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