Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tailgate Tuesday

Hello there! I wasn't planning on posting today because it's so late in the day, but I decided to link up to Sweet Little Ones for "Tuesday Talk" and Love, Fun and Football for "Tailgate Tuesday."


So, I must confess, I'm not much of a football fan. I didn't grow up in a die hard football family, and I think that's party because my parents didn't grow up here in the states (I was born in Europe and came here when I was 6). Instead, I grew up watching and playing tennis (I've been playing since I was 10).

I finally got a good introduction to football during grad school when I tagged along with friends to games.  The atmosphere was so fun and it was a blast sitting in the student section, even though I would leave there partially deaf.  You can view some pictures from a previous post here.  Although I still don't understand all the rules or how everything works, I appreciate the game much more now because I understand it a bit better.

Other than tennis and UCLA football, I love watching hockey (I'm an L.A. Kings fan).  I especially love watching live hockey during playoffs.  There's nothing quite like playoff atmosphere...the crowd is absolutely electric, especially in L.A., which has won two cups in the last three years (2012 and 2014).  Here are a few pictures from another post I did a few years ago from playoffs.

Signing the playoff banner at Staples Center, with my Starbucks in hand to stay awake.
 Before the start of the game.   

 Happy Tuesday!


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