Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senioritis has arrived

Throughout grad school, I stressed and moaned and groaned about grades, making sure to always do well. And now that it's down to my last quarter, which starts tomorrow, I could care less. Assigned reading? Not even remotely fact, I have yet to read anything. Ordering my books? Not I even NEED a book since it's my last quarter? Ha. Assigned papers? I have yet to even think about them. Oh my. Who have I become?

In other news, here is my official one sentence movie review for some movies I've seen recently:

True Grit
Surprisingly good, and I don't usually like Westerns.

The King's Speech
Perhaps the best movie of the year. Colin Firth, I love thee so.

Shot kind of like a high intensity MTV music video, but awesome-- you can't go wrong with Bradley Cooper AND Robert De Nro, right?

Battle Los Angeles
Totally cliche and predictable-- big bad aliens get defeated, just like every other sci fi alien movie ever done.

AWESOME. That is all. I'd even see it again.


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