Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retail Therapy

I graduate in a little over two months (eeeek!), but my last quarter starts next week, AND I have my comprehensive exam in exactly 30 days (double eeeek!).

So in honor of my rare downtime and my anticipated grueling last few months, I did some damage at the mall this past weekend. I hadn't shopped in so long-- it felt a bit weird. I was in one department store and the music was blaring SO loud that I left after 5 minutes. I felt like a mother. When I was younger and would go shopping with my mom, she'd always complain about the loud music and wait outside the store. I can totally relate now!! Am I getting old, or what?

BUT, I braved the loud music and found lots of cute dresses! It seems that dresses are now the norm instead of jeans, huh? RIP jeans.



  1. I need to go shopping with you because you have great taste and the same body style as me! Let me know when you are free for more dress shopping :)XO

  2. Let me know when you! You know I am always down. I found a TON of really cute dresses at BCBG. Maybe next weekend or the one after.


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