Monday, February 7, 2011

Feet, don't fail me now!

I started running again today after buying new shoes. Once upon a time, I could run 10 miles at a time. The thought of me running 10 miles now makes me want to crawl under blankets and vege out. I ran a mere 3 miles today and I already feel sore. I can feel my good 'ole running muscles slowly stirring back to life. My goal is to be up to 10 miles again by May, just in time for graduation AND summer time.

My new Saucony shoes are awesome! They feel like you are walking on clouds. I bought them from the Roadrunner Sports store. They have this nifty service where you can walk on a treadmill and they see how your foot pronates, rotates, steps, etc, and from that, they recommend what type of shoe you need and if you need certain inserts (which I did-- apparently my arch is too high).

Now if only my shoes came in pink! :)

P.S. How was everyone's Super Bowl Sunday? I rooter for Green Bay because...I LOVE cheese. That is all.


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