Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chocoholics, beware!

Anyone shop at Trader Joe's? If so, you must try their Black Cocoa Almonds. As the label says, these tantalizing little almonds are "dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in black cocoa." Between you and me, I think whatever they roll these in contains some sort of addicting property. These are so yummy that I can never manage to have just a few. In snapping these pictures for this post, I managed to eat a handful of them.

As one loyal fan of these almonds says, "You feel like you've committed a crime after eating them...and the evidence is all over fingers and lips."

For those nutrition-savvy readers of mine, click here for calorie info.



  1. Ughh...I had them in my hands on Sunday and put them back!

  2. first of all, anthony calls trader joe the other man in my life

    thankfully i'm neither a chocoholic OR a dark chocolate lover at all.

    however, their english toffee deserves a try as well ;)


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