Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's snowing rice krispies

Here I am all grumpy that it's raining all weekend in so cal, when my poor friends back east are faced with crazy amounts of snow. While I happen to think it's a beautiful winter wonderland (see picture of conditions back east sent to me via mms), I'm sure that if I lived there and *I* was snowed in, I wouldn't think it to be such a wonderland.

Last night I made some fudge, and I happened to take some pictures of the process, so I will post both the receipe and the pictures this week.

For Valentine's Day next weekend, I will be making some chocolate covered rice krispie treats. While I've made rice krispie treats many many times before, I've never dipped them in chocolate or decorated them with red and pink stay tuned...they will either turn out lovely and yummy, or a total disaster yet yummy.

Ideally, they will look like this picture I found online. In reality, if I manage to have them look 10% like this picture, I will be happy.

Back to studying I go...oh grad school, how you kill my weekend fun.



  1. That reminds me of the snow we had a month ago. Tried to snow again today but not very much. Those chocolate loook so yummy!

    SE x

  2. Aw, thanks for thinking of us!!!
    I have to send you some pics! It's actually GREAT! No work, no school, it's LOVELY!

  3. mmm, yummy!

    this is why i live in nashville. i usually pine for snow a bit (grew up in indiana) but we get about one good snowfall here every 5 years. right now we're under our 2nd snowfall in as many weeks--SO exciting!

    (and by 'snowfall' i mean 4-5 inches the first time and about 2 inches this time. definitely mild, but definitely enough to shut the city down for REAL. cracks me up!)


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