Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

I have to read about 25 health-related journal articles and complete my biostats problem sets in about 24 hours (between working, mind you), and instead I'm blogging. It's funny how grad school changes your previous tendencies. If I was an undergrad student right now, I'd be panicking and trying to get it all done, while stressing over the fact that I'm panicking and trying to get it all done so late. Instead, I'm avoiding doing all work since at this point there's no way I'm completing it all.

I hope this doesn't mean I'm burnt out's only been a month, and I have another year-and-a-half to go. :\

On another note, I need some quick (and easy) Halloween costume ideas...preferably something I can slip on and off pretty easily. Last year I went as a cat, which was pretty easy to pull off...any suggestions? I don't have time to make a costume either, so something store bought is best.



  1. Ahhh halloween. I went as a devil last year... was pretty simply, red and black skirt, red top and some devil horns. But I was only given 2 hours notice :P

    SE x

  2. Hmm, how about go as a bloody bride? I always wanted to be one. Last year, I attempted to look like Paris Hilton (I'm a guy).


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