Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello my coffee-drinking followers! I'm going to try and be more proactive about blogging despite the fact my life is lacking a social competent (and normal sleep hours) at the moment.

With that said, today I blog about an exciting topic: COFFEE! Yes, you should have known that was coming.

I used to be a coffee snob in the sense that I would only drink lattes, and never drip coffee, but lately due to time constraints and lack of energy, I've dabbled into drip coffee. I know, the horror, the horror. Most drip coffee, especially at the office, is a disgrace to the mighty bean, but I hear there may be relief in sight.

Introducing Starbucks' new Via Ready Brew coffee! My brother received a few samples and told me that it's pretty darn good! Apparently it's coffee for those on the go (how fitting for my life right now, huh?) and is almost instant to make. The coffee is so finely ground that you simply add the entire packet to hot water, and voila, instant coffee that's supposed to be good. It comes in Columbian and Italian Roast flavors.

Has anyone tried Via? I'm wondering if it's worth sampling. Perhaps I will pick some up next week on my way to work. Stay tuned for a review.



  1. Yes, I have tried it. I worked at Starbucks for almost three years but quit last January to move, and even I was skeptical. But I went into a starbucks the other day and they gave me a sample to try. They didn't explain it to me though so I had no idea how it was any different than their brewed coffee. But it was good! Seriously, couldn't taste the difference between their brewed coffee. And I know my brewed Starbucks coffee! :) You should definitely try it.

  2. Let me know how that turns out... I'm hopeful. but chances are it's still not as good as the caramel machiatos which are slowly sending to the poor house.

  3. Hi Jasmin! I'm a new reader of your blog and love it! I'm also a coffee lover, but not as devoted as you.
    You should definitely try VIA. It's awesome! It's much better than drip coffee. In my opinion it's the best instant coffee out there.

  4. VIA is good, but it's pretty expensive. Better off getting your own coffee maker, grinder, and whole beans for a decent cup of drip.

  5. Love your blog and I'm your latest follower, but *God forbid* I drink decaf... I know, I know, we probably can't be friends...

    All the best
    Holli in Ghana

  6. Instant coffee is disgusting. Starbucks or not. It is an affront to the true coffee drinker and to civilization in general. As Barbara Holland says, "Instant coffee is the measure of America's anti-pleasure bias."

  7. As I sip my muddy instant decaf with a splash of milk, I have to agree... it's not coffee at all!!!


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