Saturday, October 3, 2009

That. Is. Crazy.

I always knew the U.S. was in debt...but I didn't know how much. This is truly frightening...AND it's a bit addicting to just sit and stare at the screen, watching the numbers continue to increase EVERY second. I think I stared at the screen for a good 3 minutes, then instant messaged someone the link, and then sent it to all my friends. It will take a good many years before we start seeing green numbers.

What's crazy to me is that we loan smaller countries money to bail them out (not that doing such is necessarily wrong), when we have huge debt ourselves. I don't get it. Guess that's why I majored in finance in college and not econ.

For a glimpse into the state of U.S. finances, click here to access the U.S. Debt Clock.


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