Thursday, August 20, 2009

Return of the mutant moth

So. As you know from recent history, I have a purely hate relationship with bugs, spiders, creepy crawly things, and the like. Yet for some reason, I attract them. I was playing tennis tonight with my friend Kevin, when a HUGE Mutant Moth (who I shall refer to as MM from this point forward) decides to descend upon our court and visit for a good 10 minutes. Now mind you, there are four other courts that are empty, yet MM decides to visit the one I'm on. It's as if these bugs sense how much I hate them.

MM was HUGE, and quite easily the biggest moth I've ever seen. I mistakenly thought he was a bat at first. Anyway, MM sat still on the court for a good 10 minutes, not even bothered by the pounding of the tennis balls around him, so we believed he was dead. But MM then proceeded to fly up into the air and freak me out a bit more by hovering above my side of the court.

I refused to get even semi close to the disgusting creature, so Kevin had to do the dirty work and get close to MM for a picture. Behold, ladies and gentleman, the moth that ruined my concentration during tennis and gave me a few more gray hairs. It is the size of two tennis balls in length. And as if the torment wasn't enough, Kevin said he wanted to box MM up and give him to me for my upcoming birthday. Can you say disgusting?



  1. That moth must be from Texas, 'cuz y'know, everything is big in Texas.

  2. Boy, I've never seen a moth that huge before. Weirdsville. lol!

    From SITS :D

  3. Yeah. I could see how you'd mistake him for a bat.

  4. I'm completely creeped out. That thing is INSANE. Run, girl run!!

  5. That's a big moth. This is my first time visiting your blog. I enjoyed reading your post and I like the design of your blog.

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. HUGE! I'm with you, I'd be totally freaked out!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Elizabeth Esther


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