Thursday, July 23, 2009

Running revisited

So I've kinda-sorta-maybe-hopefully started running again. I had been training for the L.A. Marathon about a year and a half ago but that never materialized. I got up to running 10 miles and then my achy knees kept telling me every morning that they were suffering. So I stopped.

Lately, I'd been wanting to change up my exercise routine, so I decided to run outdoors at a local park the other day. I ran for about a half hour before I pooped out, and my tomato-red face was also a warning sign that I should probably slowly ease my way back into running. The best part of my run: the critters! I saw bunnies and ducks and geese, oh my. You know me when it comes to furry critters...I have to take pictures.

Below are some duckies. Seeing them reminded me of my favorite childhood book, The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. The duckies were in the lake, bathing themselves (which they do by flicking water with their bills onto their backs). So cute!


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  1. Did you ever go to a running store and have them video your feet on a treadmill with neutral shoes? I did, and they gave me shoes for overpronators. My knees used to hurt running in my old shoes but with the proper shoes they feel great.


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