Monday, July 27, 2009

Lakeside Views

Below is the only good thing that transpired from this weekend: some pretty lakeside pictures from the restaurant I dined at prior to going to the theater on Saturday (I saw the musical Cats-- my thoughts on it tomorrow).

Sadly, the view was much better than the food (and the service). The meal started out well, but then the service went downhill. Our waiter rudely tossed to check onto the table instead of handing it to us (was it because we didn't order drinks or dessert?) and then didn't even thank us for dining there. The result? No tip for him! Don't you hate rude, snobby service just because you didn't rack up a huge bill? Ick. I won't be dining there again.



  1. Well, at least you had a good view. Was the weekend relaxing, too? BTW, SITS sent me over...and I'm having a giveaway where EVERYBODY wins, so please come on by!

  2. la la la......Cats...been long since I heard that!

    PS Stopping by from come visit my blog and enter the 2 giveaways...while at my blog please could you help me build up comments for the blog giveaway I'm trying to win? Thank you

  3. I'm interested in what you thought of Cats... I was 13 the last time I saw it. And I can't stand rude service, but I love good service and don't mind tipping well for it!

  4. Hi Ladies,

    I will be sure to check out your giveaways. Thanks for the comments.

    Kelly-- Cats was interesting, to say the least, ha. Tomorrow's post will talk about it. :)

    I don't mind tipping well for good service either, but this service was beyond bad. We didn't feel bad not leaving anything.

  5. I don't like CATS in real life so I doubt I will like it on stage. :)

    Also, I'm not a huge fan of Webber either.

    OK, back to the torture of finals.


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