Friday, July 17, 2009

Artsy fartsy

Last night while I was stuck in (what else) horrid L.A. traffic, I turned on some classical music...and it was so soothing! I usually listen to hip hop, pop, and rap (no one ever believes me when I say I listen to rap for some reason) in the car, but for some reason, this type of music makes me more agitated while I'm stuck in traffic.

So instead, I switched the station to KUSC for some nice Mozart pieces. Not only was the music soothing, but it reminded me of when I used to study for my GRE exam at the cafe at Barnes & Noble. They'd play the same type of music that helped me concentrate.

Speaking of cafe, check out some of these coffee designs...aren't they too pretty to drink? I once went to an independent coffee shop in Berkley, California that did these sorts of designs. Peet's Coffee does this sometimes too, but the only fancy one I've seen thus far has been a heart.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

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