Monday, June 29, 2009

This is the greatest stuff, ever

I'm taking about Nutella, the yummy chocolate hazelnut spread that is the equivalent of peanut butter in Europe.

How do I know this? During my semester studying abroad in Marseille, France, I discovered that Europeans like to eat this on everything: bread, crepes, etc. I had the hardest time finding peanut butter (I was actually leafing through my English-French dictionary while at the supermarket trying to figure out the word for peanut butter- for inquiring minds, it's du beurre de cacahu├Ęte) and once I did find it, it was not only ridiculously expensive by U.S. standards (about $8), but I also discovered upon getting home that it was expired.

Peanut butter has a shelf life that lasts forever, which means who knows how long my little prized jar had been sitting on that shelf at the Marseille supermarket. The French are just more fond of Nutella, I suppose. And rightly so: the creamy spread is yummy. I like to place it in the fridge so it hardens (even though it explicitly says on the jar to not refrigerate it) and then eat it with a spoon.

Don't knock it till 'ya try it.


  1. I agree. Nutella is great on a spoon! I think I ate a whole jar all by myself once.

    Oh, the shame.

  2. this seriously is the best stuff on earth.

  3. Heck to the ya. Throw it in crepes and it's heaven!


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