Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's back!

My Tigger is back! All normal posts will now resume starting tomorrow. The Whirlwind Ninja and I reached a compromise. One friend jokingly added he's shocked I compromised.

So what was the compromise? I had to take a picture of myself holding a sign that read 'SHAWN (not real name) RULES!' So I did.

After emailing my picture, I was informed that Tigger would slowly find his way home, since he had to find my office all by his lonesome using only a map. In my opinion, it probably took Tigger so long to get here not because he took the long way home, but because he had to carry a map that is about 20 times bigger than he is.

Upon complaining to the Ninja that Tigger would get lost this way, he assured me he'd have some traveling help along the way.

When I returned to my desk later this afternoon, I found a package waiting for me. It was wedged behind my computer monitor amid the plugs.

Good thing I handled the box with care, for inside was Tigger, along with his faithful traveling companion, a princess.

Apparently, he was quite cold during the trip, though.

Good thing he's back for good...

...until the next ninja attack, that is.

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