Monday, March 2, 2009

Spelunking through life, one spoonful at a time

I love ice cream. But not just any ice cream. It has to Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I love their creamy, homemade ice creams because:

  • their flavors are creatively named (i.e., Phish food, Chunky Monkey, Chubby Hubby)
  • they have 'free scoop night' once a year where you can stop in and get a free scoop of any flavor
  • they're environmentally conscious (I researched this aspect of the company for a marketing paper in college)
  • the cows they use for diary are not treated with any growth hormones
  • all their flavors taste yummy (my favorite is Phish Food). Yes, this is a proven, scientific fact in the world of Jasmin.
  • their napkins have cool little Q&As on them, like the one I got below a few days before starting my no-sugar Lenten fast

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Adventure #1
Q: What is a Ben & Jerry's chunk spelunker?

Folks who tunnel through their favorite flavors to dig up the chunks.

Can you believe that a male friend of mine who is uber masculine, likes to chop wood for fun in his spare time, and has 'Rocky' theme music playing in the background while working out didn't understand the spelunker thingie? I had to explain it to him! Like, helloooo, it's from the movie 'Batman Begins!' Even I, as girlie and pink and frilly as I am, knew that. My friend will promptly be demoted to metrosexual with the ranks of Ryan Seacrest. ;)

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  1. Your poor male friend. What must he do to be promoted back to uber masculine macho man? Let me guess, buy you a Gucci purse? ;)


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