Friday, March 6, 2009

My latest (non-food) obsession

I have a (bad) habit of "collecting" perfume: I find a scent I really like and buy it, and then a year later, not having finished that bottle, I stumble across another new scent that I like and absolutely have to have. Over the years, this has led to a collection of multiple bottles that are half used.

My current daily spritz is Betsy Johnson's self-titled perfume, which I love because it's not overly strong, but still feminine. Well let me tell you, poor Betsy went straight out the window as soon as I got a whiff of the new perfume below that is appropriately called "Flowerbomb," because it annihilates any and all other competition in the perfume market. It smells so good and like nothing else I've sniffed before (and this time I mean it...I doubt I will be buying another brand in a year because this one smells too darn good).

It's very rare for me when flipping through a magazine and sampling perfumes to find one that has such an effect on me. I tore out the magazine ad after getting a generous whiff of the sample and promptly looked online to see where I could purchase my latest obsession. Unfortunately, this stuff is outrageously expensive...not even Sephora carries it. At Bloomingdales, the largest size (only 3.4 oz, at that) costs $150 pre-tax. Yikes! What's in this stuff, gold? Oh wait, there's Jasmine in must be worth it then. ;) And it's fitting is that, right? But, since I'm trying to be good and save money, I will refrain from buying it until after I receive my work bonus.

UPDATE: So the perfume is only $70 if you order it online via Amazon...dontcha' just love online shopping? :D


  1. Oh, I love Chance by Chanel. I haven't bought it yet though because it's so expensive.

  2. I love that one! I have it as well...very yummy scent for summer.

  3. You can donate your half-used perfume collection to your unemployed theology student friend. ;)

  4. Now I am very curious how it smells...

  5. OMG I smelled this today at Bloomingdales in Atlanta. It is absolutely LOVELY! The price wasn't so lovely, so I left it in bloomingdales lol. Good to know that I can buy it on tho!

  6. Awesomeness. Online shopping is verrry great!

  7. Hi guys! Thanks for all the comments!

    Errant Gosling-- it smells yummy, that's all I can say, ha. Find the nearest Bloomingdales and check it out. :)

    Miss A-- I need to update my post to state that it's the 1.7 oz that's $70, not the 3.4 oz, but that's still a really good deal. Happy shopping. :)

    insomniaclolita-- I love online shopping! It makes like easier.

    Anonymous-- You're not doing a very good job of being anonymous, lol. Hiii Simone. I was just thinking the other day of giving you my CK Euphoria that I bought with you because I never use it anymore! Consider it yours when you come home.


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