Sunday, March 1, 2009

Like, seriously Rihanna?

I'm shocked, shocked, shocked that Rihanna and Chris Brown have reunited. She is sending such a bad message to other women who are in abusive relationships. How much more will she tolerate before she realizes this is not a good relationship to be in? Love is truly blinding, if you even want to call it love in this case.

A recent picture was leaked to TMZ by the L.A. Police Department of someone who appeared to look like Rihanna, and it was not a pretty sight, regardless of whether or not it was her. It's still another battered woman who showcases the grim reality of domestic violence. I hope this will be last of Rihanna in the news for such a horrible incident, and that she recovers from this and moves on from Chris Brown.

Chris Brown Reconciling...and Recording
Ken Baker and Marcus Errico
Sun Mar 1, 11:31 pm ET

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Chris Brown has been doing more in Miami than reconciling with Rihanna. He's been recording.

E! News has learned exclusively that, in addition to riding a jet ski daily in the waters behind Diddy's manse, where he has been trying to patch things up with his girlfriend following their Grammys eve blowup, Brown has been laying down tracks for a new album.

Brown, 19, has been in Miami for about a week and has been recording late at night at Miami's famed Hit Factory studio. There has been no sign of Rihanna, 21, at any of the sessions.

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  1. I agree, I can understand this. The whole world pleads with her to leave, and it's still not enough. It's a very strange trap.


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