Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring...and it's certainly starting to feel like spring around here in sunny So Cal, though I won't rub it in too much because I know many of you who are back East and Midwest are still feeling the effects of Winter.

But hey, at least it's Friday (always a good thing). My fun and exciting weekend plans include finalizing my grad school application (due next week), attending a housewarming party, and resting.

For some reason, I find grad school applications, specifically writing the 'Statement of Purpose,' a lot harder than taking the GRE exam (crazy, right?). I have to squeeze so much requested information into three pages that figuring out how to say everything and what to cover is hard. I also tend to be a bit wordy when writing (a bad habit I'm trying to break), so the editing process is lengthy before a finalized version can be printed in all its glory.

My other weekend plans include getting a pedicure. I don't know how you sporty gals out there do it, but playing sports (especially tennis four times a week) wreaks havoc on my toes, resulting in blisters, chipped toe nails, and not-sunny-weather-ready tootsies. So I will get a much-deserved pedicure (only to probably see it become ruined again during Monday's tennis session). Oh well. It's the attempt that counts, right?

So with that, I bid thee all Happy Friday and hope you enjoy your first day of Spring, regardless of where you might be.

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