Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apprently common sense isn't so common after all

I just finished reading an online article that reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown are recording a duet together. Are you kidding me?! Now I’ve really heard it all, and I’ve heard quite a bit in my lifetime.

Per the article, which can be found here, "the pair recently recorded a 'sweet and sentimental' track that 'expresses the challenges of a love relationship,' according to the entertainment magazine People."

Um…yea…so I would also have a “challenging” relationship if I was dating someone who was physically abusive. And I wouldn’t address it by writing a song. I would address it by kicking his booty promptly to the curb. Doesn’t she realize that they don’t have a love relationship? They have an abusive, sick, disturbing, weird, strange, I-can't-wrap-my-head-around-it relationship. She needs to wake up.

I sincerely hope the duet tanks, for her sake. Seriously. Sadly, people are addicted to this kind of drama and will probably buy the single. I’m personally boycotting all of Brown's music (and hers too) until she starts making some better choices. After all, Rihanna is in the public eye and young girls might assume that her actions are correct given a scenario like this.

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