Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blast from the Past!

So I'm sitting in Starbucks last night studying for my upcoming GRE exam (I'm taking it on March 16th, keep your fingers crossed for me!) when a guy randomly asks me, "Did you go to ******** elementary school?" Turns out he remembered my face from 6th grade! Can you believe it? I don't think I look *anything* like I did back then (see below), but he says he never forgets a face.

What's sad is that even after he told me his name (which sounded uber familiar), I still couldn't tie the 6th grade face to it! I told him I'd look him up in my yearbook when I got home...and I did. And let me tell you: as soon as I saw the picture, I totally knew who he was! Isn't that weird? It's like we freeze people who we meet in the past and we can remember them when we see an old photograph, but not make the connection in terms of features when we see them years later.

How on earth he recognized me is beyond me, given that:
(a) it's been over 15 years
(b) I was stinky, sweaty, and uber tired because I'd come from the gym, and
(c) it's so weird! haha

I feel like finding him now to tell him I remember him because now it's all coming back to me. He was a really nice guy who was friendly to everyone. Perhaps he's on Facebook, but that would seem a bit stalker-ish if I found and sent him a message, no?

I leave you with a past and present picture of myself so you can understand why I'm scratching my head over him remembering me. Guess I made some sort of impression, ha.

As you can see, my mom was a fan of the "bowl" cut...or as my coworker said this morning, my hair helmet, lol.

UPDATE: So I just searched for him on Facebook and there's a million results that come up because his name is so common...oh well. Till my next Starbucks encounter with him, I suppose.


  1. Couple of random thoughts...

    1) Your barista needs to learn how to spell 'gorgeous.'

    2) It is nice to see that I wasn't the only child with a bowl cut in the sixth grade.

    3) How were you not a fan of the Beatles with a haircut like that?!

    4) You look nothing like you did in sixth grade. How that guy was able to recognize you is eerie.

    5) Do you like coffee? ;)


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