Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I Picasso or what?

As many of my friends know, I'm anti the iPhone. I refuse to acknowledge its greatness, bow down to it, follow the masses who have one, walk into an Apple store to ogle one, or even consider buying one. I'm a Blackberry girl all the way.

However, I must admit (shamefully) that the darn phone does have some nifty features. And those features come in the form of games. I've played with an iPhone recently that had a diverse bunch of games on it.

So far, my favorite game is one involving penguins where the objective is to launch penguins over a cliff using a catapult, thereby building an army of penguins in the process that then go on to kill the evil polar bear army and rescue other fellow penguins. Don't ask me what I love about games like these-- there is just something inherently funny to me about seeing little cartoon creatures (i.e., penguins) get launched and squished against a cliff when you fail. Yes, I know I'm weird like that.

I blame my weirdness and love for video games on the fact that I grew up with two brothers (I had no sisters to indulge me with Barbie stories or My Little Pony adventures) who loved video games, so naturally, I grew to love them as well. My favorites included 'Tetris' (which I still play to this day on my Nintendo DS when I'm really stressed), all the 'Zelda' games, any 'Mario Brothers' game (my favorite was the one where he turns into a raccoon and can fly), and 'Donkey Kong' (I always saved the princess from Kong's evil clutches).

Anyways, last night I became Picasso via the iPhone, which has this really cool application where you can sketch a picture using your hands. Behold my artistic creation this not worthy of being at the Louvre? For those wonder what the heck it is (ok, so maybe it's not that good), it's a mouse named Alfred that I've drawn since I was about 12. Perhaps I should stick to the sciences instead of the arts, seeing that the latter may not be my forte.


  1. It's ok. My Little Pony games usually went something like this:

    Oh, let's make them gallop over this way!

    Ok. Now let's gallop them over here!

    ...not very exciting.

  2. I was headed to an ATT store today to look at an iPhone...

    Think I should go Blackberry instead?

  3. I've always been a BB fan (phones are very user friendly and easy to set up). I guess it depends on what you need the phone for...I think BB is geared more towards working professionals (it syncs your Outlook, etc) while the iPhone has cool applications on it. I would look at both and then decide. The only drawback I know for the iPhone is that you cannot receive picture messages on it as you could with the BB. Let me know what you end up with. :)

  4. I will. And thanks for the advice. I minor emergency kept me away from the store on Friday. I will probably go this coming week.


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