Thursday, July 10, 2008

San Francisco Revisited

I was up in San Francisco again for the 4th of July and spent it eating, shopping, and sleeping.

Check out some of the cute buys I got:

Burberry Scarf

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection Speedy (but in blue instead of red)

And what trip to SF would be complete without some fabulous dining? Here are some of my recommendations. I think my true calling in life was as a food critic. ;)

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant
575 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

This restaurant (there's also an L.A. location) has excellent Hawaiian fusion food and smaller portions so you don't feel stuffed when leaving. I ordered the scampi pasta. Here's a peek at their molten chocolate cake, their most-recommended dessert:

First Crush
101 Cyril Magnin St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

This is a smaller wine bar/restaurant that offers flats (a set of small wine samples instead of ordering 1 glass so you get a variety of tastings with your food). Their desserts are awesome. Here's a banana chocolate concoction that I ordered:

845 Market St. # 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

This restaurant serves fusion Mexican food. You MUST have the guacamole appetizer if you go: it comes with hot corn tortillas (not corn chips) which are fresh and to die for! And their desserts are delicious. I had their flan.

Cocola Bakery/Cafe845 Market St.
Westfield's San Francisco Shopping Centre
San Francisco , CA 94103

Probably my favorite place for lunch in all of SF. This cafe serves pastries, cakes, desserts, salads, gourmet coffee drinks, and sandwiches. I would probably go here for lunch every day but would gain weight from all the fabulous desserts. Just viewing their desserts in their sugary gorgeousness is enough if you don't order any. The sandwiches and salads are tasty and fresh. Go here if you want a unique cake or fabulous pastries you won't find elsewhere.

Top of the Mark (Mark Hopkins Hotel)
Number One Nob Hill
999 California St.
San Francisco , California 94108

Fabulous jazz club with a HUGE martini menu (over 100 to choose from). Legendary since its opening in 1939, it sits atop the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill and has amazing 360 degree views of the city on a clear night.

And, of course, I had to eat at Boudin again, the sourdough bakery. I think I ate there twice for lunch in the short span of 4 days. Their bread bowls and variety of soups are delicious. Try the tomato soup or french onion. I would say clam chowder, but I hate clams.

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