Friday, August 3, 2007


I had my bio final yesterday...I am so relieved to be done! What was supposed to be a three hour final turned into a five hour ordeal, and when I left the class, there were students in there *still* taking the test. Crazy. No undergrad final I'd ever taken compared to this. It was the worst test I'd taken, apart from the GMAT. The fact that it was LONGER than the GMAT is the scary part. At this point, if I get a C in the class, I'll be thrilled. I had an A going into the final, but since the exam is worth approximately 50% of our final grade, I'm not expecting much at this point. Maybe I'll get lucky and the teacher will have mercy and curve it, haha.

It feels strange coming home and not having reading to do or work for school to do. But it's nice! And I can finally start the last Harry Potter book...I had it shipped to my house the day it came out, but I forced myself not to read it because I knew if I did, I would never study or finishing my reading for the final exam in time. So, yay, I get to start it tonight.

Some of my girl friends wanted me to go out and celebrate the completion of my first class, but I'm too tired and wiped out from the exam yesterday and cumulative effects of the stresses of school to want to do much other than curl up with my Harry Potter book and read the night away. TGIF! :)

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