Monday, April 30, 2007

What type of Catholic are you?

You scored as Traditional Catholic. You look at the great piety and holiness of the Church before the Second Vatican Council and the decay of belief and practice since then, and see that much of the decline is due to failed reforms based on the "Spirit of the Council."

You regret the loss of vast numbers of Religious and Ordained clergy and the widely diverging celebrations of the Mass of Pope Paul VI, which often don't even seem to be Catholic anymore. You are helping to rebuild this past culture in one of the many new Traditional Latin Mass communities or attend Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy. You seek refuge from the world of pornography, recreational drugs, violence, and materialism. You are an articulate, confident, committed, and intelligent Catholic.

But do you support legitimate reform of the Church, and are you willing to submit to the directives of the Second Vatican Council? Will you cooperate responsibly with others who are not part of the Traditional community?

Take the quiz here:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My weekend

This pretty much summed up my weekend. And my abs hurt, because scissor kicks are evil. Special thanks to Sandhya for this most-wonderful rendering of my Sunday.

How was everyones weekend?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Someone please explain this to me

  • Last year, Americans showered their pets with $36 billion worth of goods, services, food, shelter, health care, and luxuries-- more than double what they spent a decade ago.
  • In contrast, Americans bought their kids--their real kids-- $20 billion worth of toys.
  • 31% of female pet owners spend more time with their pet than with their spouse. Hmmm, could that be why our divorce rate is so high?
  • 37% of female owners would consider a pet funeral.

Yes, so there you have it, the sad facts, as reported in Life Magazine, dated 2.24.06. Any thoughts?

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