Sunday, February 4, 2007

Fortune Cookie Says...

Saturday night my friend Amber and I went and saw the musical "Mamma Mia," which is inspired by the music of Abba, so the tunes were amazing! I had "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head the entire night.

Before the play, we dined at P.F. Chang's (where both the food and our waiter was yummy, lol) and ordered some coffee to kill the time before the play. Two fortune cookies came with our cappuchinos, and I recently learned from friends that it is very important to *eat* the entire cookie *before* looking at the fortune, or else it won't come true. So Amber eats hers and reads her fortune:

"Do not dwell on differences with a loved one --try a compromise."

So, pretty decent fortune in my opinion, right? So here I am, munching on mine, expecting mine to be some grand and wonderful prediction like, "You shall meet the love of your life this year -- be patient."

Instead, I get this:

"He who takes notes listens well."

I kid you not...that's what it said. I'm sitting here at my desk staring it at as I type this. What the heck? Where is my *real* fortune?

In other news, I won $50 at the super bowl party! It was my first time betting...and I proved that you do *not* have to know anything about football or who's playing to win. Mall, here I come.

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