Thursday, September 7, 2006

Hilton Tagged in London

Paris gets facialed by Banksy, graffiti-style.
September 5th, 2006 • 11:05 AM

If you were in London and buying Paris Hilton’s new debut CD last week, you were probably already in a group as statistically small as those who died of stingray barbs piercing their chests. But you might have a collector’s item in your hand, if the album art features Paris topless and/or with the head of a dog.

Graffiti artist Banksy tagged a handful of HMV’s supply of Paris albums, which have since been pulled. HMV claims they’re being auctioned, but we bet they’ve been pulled to go straight on eBay, earning a handy handful for the store managers. 500 copies of the altered album were buried in Paris supplies across the HMV chain, like Wonka bars with the golden ticket. Some had cute little aphorisms, like “Why am I famous?” and “What have I done?”

Inside these magic cases is not Paris’ album, but 40 minutes of remixed music by “DM.”

It’s not technically a mash-up. But if you picked this up, you got at least a hundred times more value than the rainbow-colored dog turd that’s the Paris “original.”

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