Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dancing's Back!

My favorite fall show is back: Dancing with the Stars! I'm rooting for these two couples (what can I say, I couldn't choose a favorite!):

J.R. Martinez

Ricki Lake


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Missoni Madness

Missoni, the legendary Italian fashion house that has been around since 1953, recently collaborated with Target to release a limited edition collection. I was super excited for this collection (Missoni at Target prices? Yes please!), until I heard that upon launch, it sold out in about 15 minutes everywhere. It was reportedly like Black Friday for Target, who had massive lines outside and whose website crashed that day due to the high demand of products.

While I'm not a fan of the clothing too much (too many zig zags), I did manage to snag a few pieces for my home:

Missoni for Target Large Vase

Missoni for Target Glass Platter

I did, however, buy one shirt which I liked, though not the shorts...it's too matchy matchy and the shorts are uber short.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Month Recap

For those wondering (and for my future kids, should they read this one day, ha), here is a recap of the last three months that I've been away:

Graduated and finally completed my MPH degree. Graduation was amazing! Our faculty and distinguished speakers sat on stage, and we were each called up by our individual programs. Two years of hard work led up to one wonderful day.

Went to my most beloved California city, San Francisco, for 4th of July. I can never get enough of the Warf, the sourdough, or the fact that everything in that city is accessible by foot. Oh, and did I mention the amazing coffee? I discovered possibly the best coffee I'd ever had: Blue Bottle Coffee. Dear Blue Bottle Coffee Corporation: Can you please open some shops in SoCal? Your New Orleans Iced Coffee = love in a cup.

Some shots of the city:

And since I obsessively take photos of all my food (don't judge), here are some SF highlights:

French toast...for dessert! Why not?

Another dessert, aka 3 hours in the gym

Duck dish

Fish dish of some sort...I forget the name. It's been too long.

Kobe beef burger (drool)

TRUFFLES! Holy moly, truffles are pricy.

Went to Las Vegas with my mama, where we both saw the most amazing singer: Celine Dion. I grew up listening to all her CDs, and got goose bumps when I heard her perform live for the first time ever. Her voice is AH-MAY-ZING live. She was born with that voice, folks, 'cause there's nothing in the world that can make it that way. Nope. She has mad pipes.

Even more awesome was the fact that her husband was in the audience and was gracious enough after to mingle with us common folk. I was only able to snap a quick picture of him. Can you spot his head? I have no other exciting pictures to show of the concert, as all photography and videoagraphy (is that even a word?) is banned.

August was the month of concerts for me, because I also saw the love of my life, Josh Groban. You can read all about my love for Josh here. Little did I know when I booked tickets for the floor section that I would literally be a about 10 feet away from a small stage set up in the middle of the arena where he opened up the concert. Amazing x 100! Amazing x 1,000!

August is also my birthday month. My dad is traveling this month and was traveling last month as well, but he sent me the cutest bouquet of flowers in the mail. I can see my dad looking at the bouquet online and thinking, "It's cute, it's fuzzy, she'll like it!" And like it I did.

Hope y'all had a great summer, because I sure did. Topic for later this week: house hunting stories. And decorating! Where are the best places to go to for home decor? Please share! I've already discovered The Container Store, Home Goods, Pier 1 Imports, and Urban Home, but I'd love to know where you guys shop for home trinkets.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Back!

I've been away from my blog for over three months! Canyabelieveit?? I've have truly missed the blogging world, especially reading everyone else's blogs and comments. Here I was thinking I'd have so much more free time after graduating to blog, yet I started something new: house hunting! I'm happy to report I will be moving in the very near future. My love for decorating, The Container Store, and furniture shopping has grown at an alarming rate. ;) More updates to come tomorrow.

In related news, my diploma came today. Hooray! It is truly official now. *Tear*


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Day Has Come!

I graduate tomorrow! I cannot wait. This has been two long years in the making. I will be receiving my MPH (Masters in Public Health) degree. I will try and post pictures if I'm able to snap some during the ceremony. Or I will be tweeting!

My work today surprised me with a luncheon in honor of my graduation...it was awesome! Can you say sugar overload? I think my lunch consisted primarily of cake, cheesecake, and flan. Here are some pictures:

And last but not least, to kick off the summer blockbuster movie season, I wanted to pass along an awesome bargain:

Get two tickets to the movies via Fandango for only $9 total! I just bought mine using the link below. It's through the website Living Social, which I LOVE-- they always have awesome deals, especially ones for vacations in various big cities. Happy movie going!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal Wedding

I finish grad school in 23 days!!! I can't believe it. I've been MIA and unable to post about all the happens in the world (i.e. Royal Wedding, killing of Bin Ladin, etc).

But on the topic of the Royal Wedding, I didn't even get to watch it all. I had my comprehensive exam that day (boo!) so I was slaving away.

Here's something circulating the web that I thought was funny (and it a bit spooky). I wonder if the sisters are wishing they had rethought their choice of clothing color after seeing this...


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senioritis has arrived

Throughout grad school, I stressed and moaned and groaned about grades, making sure to always do well. And now that it's down to my last quarter, which starts tomorrow, I could care less. Assigned reading? Not even remotely done...in fact, I have yet to read anything. Ordering my books? Not done...do I even NEED a book since it's my last quarter? Ha. Assigned papers? I have yet to even think about them. Oh my. Who have I become?

In other news, here is my official one sentence movie review for some movies I've seen recently:

True Grit
Surprisingly good, and I don't usually like Westerns.

The King's Speech
Perhaps the best movie of the year. Colin Firth, I love thee so.

Shot kind of like a high intensity MTV music video, but awesome-- you can't go wrong with Bradley Cooper AND Robert De Nro, right?

Battle Los Angeles
Totally cliche and predictable-- big bad aliens get defeated, just like every other sci fi alien movie ever done.

AWESOME. That is all. I'd even see it again.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retail Therapy

I graduate in a little over two months (eeeek!), but my last quarter starts next week, AND I have my comprehensive exam in exactly 30 days (double eeeek!).

So in honor of my rare downtime and my anticipated grueling last few months, I did some damage at the mall this past weekend. I hadn't shopped in so long-- it felt a bit weird. I was in one department store and the music was blaring SO loud that I left after 5 minutes. I felt like a mother. When I was younger and would go shopping with my mom, she'd always complain about the loud music and wait outside the store. I can totally relate now!! Am I getting old, or what?

BUT, I braved the loud music and found lots of cute dresses! It seems that dresses are now the norm instead of jeans, huh? RIP jeans.

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